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After experimenting on Blues and Rock&Roll, Yves TORCHINSKY studies the double bass with P. DROGOZ, C.GENTET et P. CARATINI.

He teaches Jazz Bass at the Conservatoire National de Région de Lille in North of France

Yves TORCHINSKY is a member'"Orchestre de Contrebasse"since it's debut

He has played with Tal Farlow, Lee Konitz, Steeve Grossman, Barney Willen, Jean-louis Chautemps, Philippe Maté, Jean Claude Fohrenbach, Alain Jean-Marie, Al Levit, Michel Grailler, Eric Le Lan, Eric Barret, Christian Escoudé, Richard Galliano, Mal Waldron, Michel Marre, Denis Leloup, Sylvain Beuf, Dominique Pifarely etc...

Composer as well as performer he appears in Claus Stötter's Quintet, Gilles Clement, Jacques Bolognesi, Renaud Garcia-Fons Quartets and René Urtreger's Trio.

With them he played in such international festivals as BERLIN, KARLSRUHE, ROTTERDAM, AMSTERDAM, RIO DE JANEIRO, GÖTEBORG, BOSTON, NEW YORK...

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