16-22 JULY AND/OR 22-28 JULY 2006

in Neuvic (France)

This masterclass is open to bandoneon, violon, viola, ello, piano and double bass players.
Guitar players who can read chord symbols and spanish speaking singers are also welcome
This masterclass focuses on Argentinian tango style ans prhasing.
Students play in ensembles using original classic and contemporary scores, and if they can and want they also play in public auditions.
The masterclass takes place in a beautiful nature surrounding in the Limousin district and is a meeting place of many young and adult instrument players. The workshop organisation provides for food and acomodations.

For all music related informations please contact Olivier Manoury at: manoury@club-internet.fe
and check his website:
For all administration and price informations please contact:
7, av de Diane, 94100 St Maur,
tel: 0 871 778 871

about NEUVIC: http://www.tourisme.fr/office-de-tourisme/neuvic-d-ussel.htm