OLIVIER MANOURY and ENRIQUE PASCUAL met ftrst in 1980 and have played together ever since, either as a duo, accompanying singers or as members of TANGONEON quartett which they founded in 1988. They played all over Europe and especially in France, Germany and Scandinavia.
Unlike the experimental TANGONEON which fusions Tango with Jazz and Uruguayan Candombe, OLIVIER MANOURY-
ENRIQUE PASCUAL DUO is traditionally oriented.

Its repertoire spans over the 1920- 1960 period, emphathising the tango "golden age" of the fourties. Outside of any revival fashion, this duo does not imitate the various styles of the past but offers an authentic and yet original interpretation of the most beautiful Tangos, bringing out their melodic and harmonic richness, where swing and feeling takes priority over arrangements

was born in 1939 in Montevideo. He bas played in many jazz, Bossa nova andTango groups in Uruguay,Argentina,Brasil and other Latin American countries
He bas been living in France since 1979 and bas played in most European countries. He founded the group RIO DE LA PLATA he is co-founder of TANGONEON and leads ENRIQUE PASCUAL JAZZ TRIO.
Owing to his spontaneous phrasing and to the freedom and richness of his harmonies he is one of the most original
contemporary tango pianists.


OLIVIER MANOURY and Enrique PASCUAL have recorded a duo CD on
SILEX records (Y 225 212)

1-SILBANDO Tango - (Sebastian Piana/Catuto Castillo) 2-EL MALVAJE Tango - (Juan de dios Filiberto-Enrique Santos Discepolo) 3-AUSENCIAS (Astor Piazzolla) 4-LA CACHILATango - (Eduardo Arolas) 5-NOSTALGICO Tango - (Julian plazza) 6-ASTORTANGO Tango - (Enrique Pascual) 7-LA MALEVA Tango (Mario Pardo-Antonio Bugtione) 8-NOCTURNA Milonga - (Jutian plazza) 9-LA CASlTA DE MlS VIEJOS Tango - (Juan Carlos Cobian) 10-MELANCOLICO Tango - (Julian plazza) 11-TACONEANDO Tango - (Pedro Maffia) 12-ADlOS NONINOTango-(AstorPiazzolla) 13-LA CUMPARSITA Tango - (Matos Rodriguez) 14-DESDE EL ALMA VaIse - (Rosita melo)

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