Accordina is a french wind and free reed instrument invented and built in Paris by A.Borel around 1950-1960. It combines the sound of chromatic harmonica with the logical and comfortable keyboard of button accordion (Italian system).
The pitch of each note cannot be bent so easily as on mouth harmonica. On the oher hand all 5 notes chords are possible.
The instrument had little success among musicians when it was made, the accordion being more suitable for the music played at that time. Nowadays musicians, especially jazz accordion players apreciate it more and more for it's great expressive possibilities.

Marcel Dreux, musician and blacksmith, is making today in south of France exact replicas of Borel's accordina:

ZAE Les Garrigues
34380 Saint Martin de Londres
tel 00 33 06 11 51 93 02

Borel playing his instrument in a swing jam session among famous french accordion players











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