Haut les Coeurs ! tells the story of a battle. It is a pregnant woman's fight with her own body, shared by her lover and father of her child. Haut les Coeurs ! confronts cancer, how it destroys femininity and transforms love relationships. But their attitude allows for distance and humor and thereby prevents the story from ending up in dark pessimism.

Producer Patrick Sobelman
Director Solveig Anspach
Screenplay Solveig Anspach & Pierre-Erwan Guillaume
Editor Anne Riegel
Photo Isabelle Razavet
Decor Catherine Keller
Music Olivier Manoury, Martin Wheeler
Casting Karin Viard, Laurent Lucas, Julien Cottereau, Gaire Wauthion, Phillie Duclos, Charlotte Clamens Running time 110 min

International sales Diaphana

Part of the Original music by Olivier Manoury is performed by the tango band Tempo di Tango,

The electronic music by Martin Wheeler is performed by the composer.

Download or Listen to Olivier Manoury and Martin Wheeler's Tango Delta

The music is available on CD (Milan Music)


Karin Viard as Emma in Haut les coeur



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